Feedback from Past KB Outdoors, Inc. Clients
I elk hunted with KB Outdoors Inc. 1st season 2014 and have nothing but praise for the operation. Everyone involved was very professional, always on time, and did everything in their power to ensure a good and safe hunt. Kyle and his guides are accomplished hunters and all know the area very well if they are telling you something listen as they have seen or done it in this very area before. Don’t guide your guide I saw one older hunter doing this last year all I can say is you paid for this experience if you think you can do it yourself why did you hire a guide? Listen and learn! I had Kyle’s father as my guide and I learned more in one hunting trip than I could have learned in 10 years of hunting on my own.

The area hunted is varying terrain but nothing too extreme if your in any kind of shape at all but expect to do some hiking. Also, plan on some sitting as there are times of day where you must scan openings for game movement. The elevation is not terrible in Colorado terms but do yourself a favor if you are a flatlander and get close by a couple of days before your hunt to get acclimated. There are a couple of towns very close by that have some very interesting history and there is a lake super close to your hunting area for some trout fishing.

Shooting can be anything from in your face out to scary distances so know your gun and practice to be confident in your shooting abilities when the time comes to pull the trigger. This is a quality elk area expect to see good elk but not huge numbers so you will want to be able to take the shots the elk decide to give you. Lots of good mule deer running around also I ended up wishing for a deer tag at times while elk hunting. Sometimes lunch! Or a stop after a days hunt at the ranch house is great. Kyle’s grandpa lives there on the ranch and is a long time hunter of the area as was Kyle’s great-grandfather. Lots of good hunting stories from days past and some old time hunting pictures too.

Everything involved in my hunt made for a great time and no I didn’t shoot an elk but after seeing what I saw of the area and the quality of the hunt put on by KB Outdoors. I’m booked to go again this year hoping the elk gods will be smiling on me this time!

Ted Weichselbaum

2014 Client

I have been fortunate to hunt and fish in many special places in North America and beyond.  During those adventures I have met many interesting guides and outfitters, most of them are good, a few that were okay, and a couple bad. KB Outdoors, Kyle Lopez, his family, and guides are truly exceptional. I have known the Lopez family for many, many years.  Nobody will work harder to make your hunt a success than Kyle and crew.  It’s in his blood, it’s what he loves and it shows.  In my experience, a hunt becomes special when you have awesome habitat with great animals and guides that know their stuff. Throw that in with people you really enjoy being around and it’s a home run.

I am very thankful to Kyle and the whole family for making our hunts an adventure; for making it the experience we were looking for and not just worrying about pulling the trigger. I want to learn about the animals, the terrain and the habitat. Kyle knows there is more to a hunt than just punching the tag, and I appreciate that about an outfitter. Don’t get me wrong, Kyle knows what quality animals are, and has got the success photos to prove it. Heck, he took one of the biggest mule deer in the world!

Regardless of what success means to each individual, KB Outdoors has proven to me that they can make it happen, thanks, Kyle!

Corey Walker

2016 Client

I booked a mule deer hunt with KB Outdoors this past hunting season and have nothing but great things to say about them. It was my first mule deer hunt and was a very memorable and successful hunt. I really enjoyed the time spent with the guides and the overall experience. I highly recommend them and will definitely be booking more hunts with them in the future.

2016 Client

I had Kyle’s father as my guide and I learned more in one hunting trip than I could have learned in 10 years of hunting on my own!

2015 Client

KB Outdoors / Kyle Lopez is an excellent outfitter. His elk hunts are of high quality and very well done. I booked 4 hunts for 300 class bulls. My partners and I were all successful on his east plains rifle hunts. I plan on going again with Kyle soon!

Dr. Dean R Yates / Carthage, Texas

2018 Client

After considerable research checking out different outfitters, I finally settled on KB Outdoors to guide me on my first elk hunt. Kyle and I communicated extensively for several months prior to my 2018 hunt as I had many questions that needed to be answered. I am a seasoned whitetail bowhunter from Texas and it didn’t take long to realize Kyle was the real deal. I was particularly impressed with the honesty of information provided in the website as it did not ever try to oversell the hunt. If one is looking for 5-star hotel accommodations, look elsewhere but if one is looking for a quality hunt with a modest yet comfortable setting in beautiful elk rich country, give Kyle a fair look. Great people, great home style cooking and great hunting at a more than fair price are in store that will reward the client who does his due diligence.

I was guided primarily by Kyle’s father, Steed, who is a seasoned vet in the elk woods. We located and observed quality animals each day of the hunt and Steed put me on a beautiful 360 gross bull on day 3. I managed to harvest this stud at 53 yards with minutes remaining on the evening hunt and I couldn’t have been happier. So pleased that I quickly put my deposit down on a 2020 hunt and I’m counting down the days to return.

I would be more than happy to discuss in detail with anyone considering KB Outdoors as a destination for an outstanding hunt! Contact: wharveyjr@sbcglobal.net

Will Harvey / Aledo, TX

2018 Client

I hunted with Kyle at KB Outdoors for my second time last fall. Our first hunt with him was an antelope hunt in the plains of Colorado and we were covered up in antelope nonstop. It was one of the most fun hunts I’ve ever been a part of and in a day and a half (and several failed stalks later on our end) we ended up shooting a great buck on video.

This last year I went on an elk hunt with Kyle at his family ranch just south of Divide and the hunt did not disappoint! We were in the elk every day and I could barely sleep at night because there were bulls screaming in the meadow right behind the lodge! We had close calls with world class bulls almost every day and got to experience some of the best encounters with elk in my life! The lodge sits right in the middle of two large ridges and has about the prettiest view you could ask for, overlooking a large pond, meadow, aspen groves and in the far distance, you can see the neighboring mountain range.

The lodge is exactly what I picture a quality elk camp to look like, the wood stove where all the cooking is done is absolutely amazing and the food is awesome. The camaraderie around camp is also second to none, sitting around the wood stove with a cup of coffee and telling stories of past hunts from the ranch and other places around the world is as good as it gets.

Kyle and his dad Steed have some incredible stories to tell and I loved hearing about them and it really shows the knowledge they have for guiding hunts Their ranch is also covered up in elk, mule deer, and turkey. It is an absolute target rich environment and I am counting down the days until I can go back and share new stories with a cup of coffee around the wood stove with good friends!

Lucas Mestad / Minnesota

2018 Client

I hunted with KB Outdoors in Sept 2018 at the Quakey Park property. This is a long time family owned property that covers some outstanding elk habitat. My guide for the hunt was Kyle’s father Steed Lopez, and accommodations were at the family ranch house located on the property. It is a simple setup with a couple of rooms upstairs for sleeping, and comfortable sitting areas in the living room and sun room. Food was good and you weren’t going to starve while there. It’s all cooked on a wood fire kitchen stove which I hadn’t seen since I was a kid at our cabin in MT.

The hunting was excellent. I spent 7 days there chasing bulls that were fired up in the rut. We would get up and bugles would more often than not meet our ears when we stepped out the door to get the day started. A couple of mornings started right at the door, and we just hiked up or down from there. Other mornings, we would hop into the 4X4 and head to a point to listen and make a plan. Late morning would find us heading back to the house for lunch and a nap. Then, we’d head back out for the evening bugling session. In all, I think I saw 5 bulls over 280, and two that were 350+. We were into elk every day, and I had a blast. I also chased a pair of mule deer that just never would give me a shot. In the end, I blew my chance at a 300 class 6X6, but the other hunter in camp took a stellar 359″ bull.

It is an easy ranch to hunt since you are staying at elevation, and don’t have to climb to the elk. Access is great, and they know the area like the back of their hand. Very good hunt, and when I am able, I plan to return to chase those bulls again. Great place, and great people to spend a hunt with.

Jeremy Cotton

2018 Client

KB Outdoors has produced shot opportunities at animals of a lifetime every time I have bowhunted with them. The land is the most picturesque I’ve ever been fortunate to step foot on, not to mention crawling with game of all sorts! I can’t say enough about Kyle and his operation but I’ll let the hero pics speak for themselves!
Brandon Adams

Repeat Client