If you want the opportunity to go on your dream Colorado hunt, then you NEED Preference Points!

As many of you may know preference points are a very, very important thing to have and be carrying around for western hunting. And they are equally important to us here at KB Outdoors Inc. No points equal NO hunting any of the awesome areas we have busted our butts to lease up and give you all the opportunity to partake in.

There is a new system in place this year on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife web page. In my opinion, it is much easier to navigate and use than its predecessor. But it does still have a few quirks to it. the biggest of those being that if you have hunted in Colorado then you must redeem your account in order to log into the system and apply for points. I have provided the link to that specific page where you redeem your account on the let’s get started tab below. It’s extremely simple to get setup all you need is your driver’s license. once your set up and ready to go just use the licensing drop down bar next to the tab home, choose Big Game and start applying.

Here are the preference point codes for all species we currently hunt:

Pronghorn A-P-999-99-P
Deer  D-P-999-99-P
Elk  E-P-999-99-P

Get started: Click Here

Please do not hesitate to call me email or text with any questions you may have about applying.

Kyle Lopez, Owner
KB Outdoors, Inc.
Phone: (719) 640-3888