Combo Hunts

Elk, Deer, and Pronghorn Hunting

Combo Deer and Elk hunts are available at all mountain locations depending on season choice. In our mountain areas combination elk hunts can be offered in various ways. Archery, Muzzleloader, second rifle and third rifle can all be hunted in combination with Mule Deer. The first and fourth limited elk rifle seasons can be hunted in combination with another season that offers Mule Deer licenses with only a short down time or waiting period between seasons. An example for the mountains hunts would be a client hunts first rifle season for elk, then the client waits for 5 days when the second rifle season opens and then hunts deer thus fulfilling their combination hunt. Black Bear and Elk combinations can be arranged during the month of September and allow us to hunt bears with a rifle during this time so pack your bow and a gun so we can have a ton of fun!

All combo hunting opportunities are always set as 1 hunter to 1 guide ratio to ensure the absolute best quality on your hunt. We will always strive to create a family and friends hunting atmosphere at all our camps and throughout the duration of your hunt.

  • Transportation in and around our hunting area
  • Lodging accommodations
  • Home-cooked meals
  • Transportation of meat to the processor if necessary
  • Transportation of your trophy to a local taxidermist if necessary

For hunt pricing and availability, please contact us.

Combo hunting photos