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KB Outdoors Inc. is a family owned and operated outfitting and hunt consulting business that has exclusive hunting rights to thousands of acres of private ranches in the Mountains of Colorado, as well as the Eastern Plains of Colorado. In our effort, we strive to provide you the client with the highest quality hunt and experience that offers very high opportunity for success on your adventure with us. We offer exceptional hunting for Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn, Bear, Mountain Lion, Turkey and Bighorn Sheep (S5/S60) hunts in a variety of areas in Colorado.  Whether it be chasing after bugling Bull Elk, spotting & stalking high country Mule Deer or trophy Eastern Plains Mule Deer, chasing down the lightning-fast Pronghorn of the plains, hunting prestigious Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, springtime gobbling Merriam’s Turkey or finally trudging through feet of snow to harvest the ever elusive Mountain Lion.

We are determined and ready to build a hunting package to fulfill your bucket list and lifelong hunting dreams. and to further expand our services to clients we also run a hunt consulting business as well sending clients all over the country and the world to fulfill all their hunting dreams and goals. Our extensive knowledge in the industry has led us to some great partnerships with other outfitters abroad. Once again we are determined to helping you with all your hunting needs!

“Buying an animal is setting you up for failure. Buy a hunt, however, and you create a memory for a lifetime!”

We can accommodate any type of hunter whether it be old, young, disabled or inexperienced our staff can make your dream hunt come true. We have hunts of varying terrains and hunting styles to continually offer our clients a new and exciting experience year after year. We have areas that are over the counter licenses, draw licenses taking 0-12+ points for a license as well as access to landowner vouchers for hunters whom are unsuccessful in the draw or don’t have enough points to draw one of the coveted hunts we provide. So don’t let something as small as a draw deter or scare you from going on a hunt you dream of. And if your one of the few hunters who has put in the time and built up preference points we would love to talk to you! We also provide a free application service to all our clients to ensure you draw the tags necessary to hunt with us to eliminate any application errors. We also provide this service to those of you wishing to secure preference points in Colorado for future hunts with KB Outdoors. Give us a call today to book your next Colorado hunting adventure and the hunting adventure of a lifetime with KB Outdoors!


KB Outdoors inc. is an outfitter and guide service with deep roots in Colorado hunting about anything that runs, walks, crawls or flies the fair chase way, and being successful at each. In his youth taking a 307” Mule deer with his father, guiding was just a beginning of the historical knowledge Kyle Lopez has to offer. His many years and days of chasing Mountain Lion for the hunt and to improve the deer and elk populations. All the way to hunting prestigious Colorado Big Horn sheep on the bare grass less rocks at 11,000 feet and higher when at that point the only way you can go from hunting these is down. We are hunting properties that have not been hunted commercially for 25 years or so. With our years of knowledge and proven management practices its no wonder we have repeat clientele year after year. KB Outdoors has some of the highest quality hunts that Colorado has to offer. The hunting is excellent  from the high altitude Archery and Muzzleloader early Seasons, all the way down to the later fall Rifle Seasons. Hunting with KB Outdoors is as good as it gets for hunting in the centennial state of Colorado.

Kyle Lopez, Owner/Outfitter

Kyle Lopez has been hunting and guiding clients in Colorado and various other states for 15+ years. Kyle has had an interest in hunting and pursuing big game animals in Colorado and various other states across the United States since he was able to walk the hills. From the milo and CRP Fields of Kansas all the way to the mountains of the western states hunting is in his blood. In his youth Kyle was fortunate to take a 300” Mule deer which as everyone knows is virtually an impossible task in today’s modern hunting era. Guiding was just the beginning of the historical knowledge Kyle has to offer. In 2007 Kyle killed a 306 3/8 net non-typical mule deer that ranks #2 in the state of Colorado and #12 in the world making Kyle’s 300-incher one of only 26 Mule Deer scoring over 300”. Apart from Kyle’s 300 inch deer he has harvested many other trophies across the west and across the United States as well as few other areas around the world. Another passion of Kyle’s is training world-class hunting dogs from upland English pointers all the way to top notch Bear and Mountain Lion Hounds. Kyle has always had a knack for training dogs. Hard work, Determination, Integrity, Grit and dedication to the outdoors, conservation and hunting have taken Kyle to where he is today. Kyle is also fortunate to have grown up in the ranching lifestyle as his family homesteaded their very own ranch here in Colorado in the early 1900’s.

Kyle continues to manage and operate the family ranch on a daily basis running the family cattle and the world-class trophy hunting experience the family’s ranch has to offer making it the most popular and highly sought ranch in the KB Outdoors arsenal to hunt each fall. Kyle attended Colorado State University and the University of Wyoming from 2011-2014. It was shortly after Kyle came in contact with a hunting consultant where he finally discovered his true direction in Life. In 2014 Kyle opened the doors of KB Hunting Co. with just two ranches and 20 clients. In 2015 KB Hunting Co. was restructured and built into what is now known as KB Outdoors Inc. Since then Kyle has never looked back and has created a premier family owned and oriented outfitting company in the west with thousands of acres secured to offer clients a once in a lifetime opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime. Kyle’s motto is “don’t buy an animal but rather buy an experience that will create memories that you can cherish for the rest of your life”.  Kyle continues to pursue western big game and big game around the world to this day never letting his heritage die. Kyle also continues to pursue new hunting opportunities that are unique and world class for his clients to help others achieve their hunting dreams just like Kyle’s. In his newest endeavors Kyle is currently raising a beautiful family in the same lifestyle that he was able to enjoy as a young man. Kyle’s wife and three daughters are as much a part of this business as they are a part of him. God family and the great outdoors is what this company was founded on and will continue to pursue for many years to come!

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