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Summer Scouting

Summer Scouting

With the fall hunting season just around the corner that means only one thing….. summer scouting! As you may have deduced from that statement scouting is in full swing here at KB Outdoors, we wanted to take the time today to give everyone some tips and tactics we use as well as debunk a couple myths about scouting.

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Quick Turkey Hunting Tips

Quick Turkey Hunting Tips

We all go hunting because the experience is fun and we enjoy seeing animals in their natural state. So have some fun while your working a bird. Turkeys are  very vocal animals and create a lot of excitement during the hunt.

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Client Testimonials

“I have nothing but praise for the operation. Everyone involved was very professional, always on time, and did everything in their power to ensure a good and safe hunt!”

Ted Weichselbaum

“Nobody will work harder to make your hunt a success than Kyle and his crew.  It’s in his blood, it’s what he loves and it shows!”

Corey Walker

“I really enjoyed the time spent with the guides and the overall experience. I highly recommend KB Outdoors, Inc. and will definitely be booking more hunts with them in the future!”


“I had Kyle’s father as my guide and I learned more in one hunting trip than I could have learned in 10 years of hunting on my own!”


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